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Tutoring 4 Less is the only licensed tutoring program in the South Gate area that specializes in creating individualized education programs for students in a classroom setting. Here at Tutoring 4 Less we have created a unique tutoring program that provides direct and comprehensive instruction to each student that is tailored to effectively address a students specific needs. With over a decade of experience in the professional tutoring industry, we know what it takes to foster your students academic growth and how to acquire sustainable academic results.

How the Tutoring 4 Less Program Works

The first step we take when you come to Tutoring 4 Less is to provide our tutors with a road map to your students success. We do this by using our specialized academic assessment that determines your students strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. Once the assessment is scored and the results are analyzed, our team of Expert Tutors create an individualized plan that lists the students goals, objectives, and the best methods to achieve them. By using the students individual assessment results we create a customized curriculum book that is tailored to your students academic needs. With those first steps taken, the learning begins!

Effective Learning: In a group, or one on one?

A students academic success is largely dependent upon what kind of instruction they receive. At Tutoring 4 Less we provide our students with small group instruction or individualized tutoring sessions depending on what their needs are.

Students with minimal academic needs will usually be tutored in a small group setting, with no more than four students to a tutor. During group sessions tutors provide students with direct instruction for 90 minutes. During this this time tutors work with students in their personalized workbooks and facilitate group activities that require student involvement. By participating in group activities, students grasp a better understanding of the material and learn how to work together effectively.

During these group sessions our tutors not only address your students academic needs, they also build a student’s confidence and self-esteem. Students that had a hard time asking questions or presenting in class find that they are now one of the first to raise their hands or volunteer. These skills will translate to success throughout your students education and career.

For those students with a greater academic need, we offer students an individualized tutoring service.

Students are provided 60 minutes of direct, one on one, instruction with one of our certified tutors in a classroom setting. We utilize the learning plan created from the student assessment as well as an IEP(if applicable) to address your students specific and unique academic need. With this focused approach, our tutors are able to determine your students distinct learning style and pace which allows them to foster sustainable academic success!

What you can expect while your student is enrolled at Tutoring 4 Less:

* Students are provided with a Customized Curriculum book and Program.

*Each student is provided with a unique learning plan addressing the student’s academic need and goals.

* Students are provided with direct instruction during each tutoring session.

*Students are assigned to a certified tutor that has specialized in the subject your student needs most.

*Sessions are provided in a classroom setting.

*Students progress is monitored throughout their enrollment.

*Customized curriculum is consistently adjusted to students current need and ability.

*Students are rewarded for great citizenship and academic achievement during each tutoring session with our rewards program.

*Tutors are evaluated quarterly to assure we are providing excellent service to our students.

Tutoring 4 Less has been proven to provide results. Our focus is providing quality tutoring services at an affordable price to foster your students academic success.

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