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The Story of Tutoring 4 Less

While working for other tutoring companies the founder of Tutoring 4 Less, Francisco Gutierrez,  constantly witnessed parents and students experience the same frustrating issues.  They would invest their time and money in expensive tutoring programs only to receive little academic guidance and none of the student achievement that was promised to them. After some time, most students would stop attending and look elsewhere or, worst of all, give up on trying to get help.

Out of this frustration, and the desire to provide top-quality tutoring services, Tutoring 4 Less was born. Francisco Gutierrez decided to start his own tutoring company founded on the principles of focused and consistent education, honest and rigorous academic assessment, and affordable yet influential services.

Tutoring 4 Less has been providing tutoring services with overwhelmingly positive results to students from Pre-K to 12 grade for over a decade. Our mission is to provide a highly effective tutoring program for students at an affordable price.

Drawing on Francisco Gutierrez’s eleven years of combined tutoring and management experience, Tutoring 4 Less has created an effective tutoring program that provides students and parents with the  educational tools they need, the highly qualified tutors they want, and the most affordable prices they can find. Most importantly, Tutoring 4 Less provides the positive academic achievements they strive for.

Summer Tutoring

The founder, Francisco Gutierrez, and a Tutoring 4 Less student

The Tutoring 4 Less Program in comparison to other tutoring programs

Today’s school teachers are provided with little to no time to address a student’s specific academic needs. With classroom sizes ranging from 20-30 students, teachers struggle to give their students the focused attention that they require.  When a student’s individual academic needs are not addressed they will begin to lose interest in school, have less drive to study or complete their homework, and ultimately, allow their grades to suffer.

Because the teachers are already overworked, many parents seeking this academic support for their children turn to after school tutoring programs.

Most of the options that parents find today consist of medium to large group-tutoring programs running anywhere from $40 to $80 per hour. Many of the instructional issues found in public schools can be found in these group programs as well. With a high student-to-tutor ratio, the tutors are unable to provide the kind of focused attention that students require. Students get lost in the shuffle and their learning goes nowhere.

This is where Tutoring 4 Less differentiates from other Los Angeles tutoring companies.

The focus of Tutoring 4 Less is to provide a customized education program which accurately addresses a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Tutoring 4 Less provides a positive learning environment in a small group (4 maximum) or individual classroom setting.  Our goal is to provide an effective tutoring program in Los Angeles that is manageable for the tutor, beneficial for the student, and affordable for the parents. This way a  student can continue to attend tutoring sessions until all academic needs are addressed and academic success is achieved.

Take a look at a breakdown of our services               compared to our competitors

Tutoring 4 LessKumonSylvan
$25.00 Per/Hr.$35.00 Per/Hr.$55.00 Per/Hr.
Small Group Setting (Max. 4)X_X
Customized CurriculumXXX
Student Rewards ProgramXX-
Direct InstructionX__
Classroom SettingX__
Free AssessmentX__
Homework HelpX__
On-Site Library X--
Student ProjectsX-_
Certified Tutors (Educators,CPR and First Aid Crt.)X__
Personalized TutorX__
Flexible PaymentsX__

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