Reward Program

Rewarding the excellence that your           student achieves.

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The Reward Program at Tutoring 4 Less acknowledges academic achievement!

The staff at Tutoring 4 Less is devoted to providing the necessary attention required to address a student’s academic need. In order for a student to achieve that high level of success, they must be willing to apply themselves to the learning process during each tutoring session.

To ensure that a student applies themselves during each tutoring session, and will remain motivated while learning, the Tutoring 4 Less Rewards Program acknowledges a student’s efforts, academic growth, and goals mastered using Tutor Bucks which can be redeemed for prizes.

Tutoring 4 Less Tutor Bucks are used by our tutors to facilitate a  positive learning environment. By providing our students with Tutor Bucks we assist in keeping them focused and motivated to learn the material during each tutoring session.

The Tutoring 4 Less goal when rewarding a student with Tutor Bucks is to guide a student into the following mind set:  “Academic achievement and great citizenship equals positive outcomes.”

Learn, Earn and Redeem

At Tutoring 4 Less we believe that student achievement should be acknowledged. We acknowledge student achievement through positive reinforcement and providing our students with Tutor Bucks! The Tutoring 4 Less Reward Program rewards students during each tutoring session with Tutor Bucks based on class attendance,  excellent citizenship, and academic achievement.We also reward students with Tutor Bucks for excellent report card and test results.

These tutor bucks can then be redeemed for prizes.  Students can choose to redeem the tutor bucks for a small prize or can save them and redeem them for a larger prize later on.  The more bucks you earn, the more prizes you can purchase! Tutoring 4 Less Tutor Bucks  can be redeemed for exclusive school supplies, games, and sports equipment.

The focus of our student reward program is to provide a motivational learning environment where students can achieve academic success!

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