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Laying a foundation of science terms and concepts for lifelong academic success.

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General Science Overview

California law requires that high school students take two years of  General Science to be eligible for a high school diploma. Laying a foundation of elementary science concepts is crucial if your student is to grasp the higher level knowledge they will face later on in high school, college, and beyond. In our elementary science program, for example, students are introduced to a basic understanding of General Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.

In the Tutoring 4 Less General Science Tutoring Program students will learn about the scientific method and its application to everyday theories and hypothesis. They will also learn how to efficiently record and analyze data, and write clear conclusions based on that data.

Although elementary students are only given a small exposure to some of the major topics in science, their early knowledge becomes the foundation for their future in the science world. In middle school, the curriculum is broken down a bit more and students cover General Science (6th grade), Earth Science (7th grade), and Physical Science (8th grade) more in depth and learn specifics about each subject.In middle school students are given first hand exposure to the process of experiments by performing many by themselves.

The high school curriculum consists of Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Marine Biology, and Geology. Students in high school perform more complex experiments and are taught how to write in a scientific manner. High school students learn high level concepts including the application of complex vocabulary, performing required calculations and applying different laboratory techniques learned in lab.

At Tutoring 4 Less we are here to help your student succeed every step of the way with our customized curriculum and personalized science tutoring experience. We work with our students in small groups, with no more than four students to a tutor, or in one-on-one private sessions.

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 How the Tutoring 4 Less Science Program Works!

Our mission with the Tutoring 4 Less General Science Program is to ensure that all students are able to use scientific concepts and tools in order to acquire a conceptual understanding of the world around them. We accomplish this through a rigorous, interactive and individualized learning program for each student.

Learning about science and its application in today’s technological world has become increasingly important to understanding the complex universe around us. Innovative technologies are being developed daily and are becoming an increasingly sophisticated and necessary way of performing everyday task and activities.

As stated in the National Science Education Standards, “The relationship between science and technology is so close that any presentation of science without developing an understanding of technology would portray an inaccurate picture of science”.

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General Science is a dynamic and collaborative student activity that uses a variety of critical thinking and mathematical techniques.  In the Tutoring 4 Less General Science Tutoring Program, we enhance a student’s natural curiosity to wonder about the physical, biological and technological world around them. This curiosity motivates them to learn, construct, create, play and apply themselves in order to further investigate the world.

Our tutors teach the curriculum in an interesting and engaging way to encourage innovation and creativity. Tutoring 4 Less tutors increase your student’s scientific knowledge to help them understand the theoretical and experimental events and ideas presented in their classrooms. We also challenge student’s to think outside the box and come up with solutions to the problem at hand.

Active learning is promoted throughout all the tutoring sessions and tutors use a variety techniques and instruction methods to assist each student. Through active and cohesive instruction, students reinforce what they have learned in school through reading, writing, reflection and repetition.

Students are encouraged to think like scientists and at Tutoring 4 Less they will: make observations, ask questions, make predictions, collaborate and communicate with peers, and conduct experiments to test ideas and verify results.

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