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The Tutoring 4 Less assessment process           provides our tutors with a road map of your   student’s strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Our primary goal at Tutoring 4 Less is to help your student achieve academic success in the subject area that they are being tutored in.  In order for us to guide our students on the path of academic success, we must first address a students academic need.

Tutoring 4 Less is able to accurately assess a student and determine their current academic need, and grade level, in as little as 15 minutes.

About the Tutoring 4 Less Free Assessment

The assessment accurately measures a student’s basic academic skills in reading, sentence comprehension, spelling and math computation. Once the assessment is completed and processed, the Tutoring 4 Less staff will be able to determine an accurate understanding of your student’s current academic need and level.

By using this valuable data combined with additional information obtained from the parent, our staff creates a customized curriculum program for the student.

Monitoring Success

At Tutoring 4 Less we consistently monitor a students progress and academic growth using our assessment. It is a key component used to monitor the amount of success a student has achieved while enrolled in our program.  We are able to measure the amount of academic progress a student has obtained by comparing the initial and post assessments.

Once the post assessment is processed the results are compared to the initial assessment results. If there is significant academic growth, and the student has mastered all current academic goals, a new curriculum book and set of academic goals are provided to suit the student’s new academic needs.

Take the first step in preparing your student for academic success by having Tutoring 4 Less provide a free assessment!

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