Understanding energy and matter at the subatomic level.

Chemistry Tutoring

Chemistry Overview

Chemistry is the branch of science that studies the composition, structure, properties, and change of matter.  Students learn about atoms, chemical bonds, formation of compounds, and interactions of substances through inter-molecular forces and chemical reactions to form different substances. In simpler terms, it is the study of matter and energy.

Chemistry uses math and logic to explain, and break down, the world around us. Students that struggle in this subject usually have a weak mathematical foundation, or have not been taught to think critically and logically. In the Tutoring 4 Less Chemistry Tutoring Program we address the struggles that your student might be facing and help them build the foundation they need.

Many students find learning chemistry a challenge because it can appear to be very abstract and unimportant. Most of them are unaware that it is all around them and impacts their daily lives. It can be applied when cooking, cleaning, studying medicine, and even when exploring and understanding our environment.

Chemistry is sometimes considered a central science because it bridges all the other natural sciences together. At Tutoring 4 Less we help students to build those bridges.

The Tutoring 4 Less Approach to Chemistry

At Tutoring 4 less we reinforce our students scientific reasoning, and help them master the topics covered in general chemistry.

There are 5 major branches of chemistry that students can learn about during their academic years, and each will be reinforced at Tutoring 4 Less:

1. Organic– This branch focuses on the study of carbon and all its compounds. This level of chemistry teaches students about the chemistry of life.
2. Inorganic– This branch focuses on the study of the remaining compounds not covered in organic chemistry. This usually includes the compounds that do not contain the C-H-bonds, metals, or salts.
3. Analytical– This branch studies the chemistry of matter, and the development of skills needed to measure properties of atoms and matter.
4. Physical– This branch of chemistry applies the properties of physics to the study of chemistry. Physical Chemistry specifically focuses on the application of quantum mechanics and thermodynamics.
5. Bio– This branch of chemistry focuses on the study of chemical processes that occur inside living organisms.

Specific topics that our tutors cover are:

• Acids & Bases
• Atomic Structures
• Atomic Weights
• Chemical Bonding
• Chemical Equations
• Stoichiometry
• Nomenclature
• Periodic Properties and The Periodic Table
• Solutions and Mixtures
• Equilibrium
• Chemical Reactions
• Electronic Structures
• Elements and Atoms, and Matter
• Gases
• Molecular Weights (Molar Mass) and Formulas
• Nuclear Decay
• Thermodynamics
• Units and Measurements

At Tutoring 4 Less everyone is a chemist! We teach students how to understand the complexity of chemistry so they can strive towards becoming doctors, nurses, physicists, nutritionists, geologists, pharmacists and chemists.

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