SBAC Prep for Los Angeles Students

Tutoring4Less offers affordable SBAC prep for Los Angeles students. SBAC assessments (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) are annual state tests taken between 3rd grade and high school, covering math and English language arts & literacy. The tests assess students’ proficiency in the Common Core State Standards for their grade level.

Each subject area test has questions of varying types and difficulty.

  • Multiple choice: these questions are common to many kinds of standardized tests. Multiple possible answers to a question are offered, with a corresponding correct answer and several wrong answers.
  • Technology-enhanced items: these questions have additional components such as graphs, text, maps etc. which are referenced in the question. 
  • Extended response questions: these questions require long form answers, or provide the process of working out a math problem.
  • Performance tasks: students must accomplish these tasks by demonstrating their critical thinking and reasoning skills in their answers.

Tutoring4Less is proud to provide support for students of all ages undergoing the SBACs, whether they’re in 5th grade or high school juniors.

SBAC Tutoring in Los Angeles

SBAC has many Los Angeles families concerned. SBAC assessments are a key part of measuring student progress in grades 3-8 towards success in college and career. The Smarter Balanced Assessment is designed to assess students’ ability to think critically, solve real-life problems, and explain their reasoning. As such, SBAC is an assessment which Los Angeles parents hope their kids will ace. 

At Tutoring4Less, our test prep consists of multiple phases. We begin with a diagnostic test that helps us gain an understanding of where the student is at. We build lesson plans based on their initial performance, so that we can build out the skills that are going to have the greatest impact on a student’s overall competency. Our tutors guide students through matching and surpassing the grade level expectations which the Common Core Standards require. However, test prep is also about learning how to handle the format of the assessment tests themselves. There are tried-and-tested strategies for each part of the test. Multiple choice, extended responses, even the performance tasks can be prepared for by regular exercise of students’ critical thinking skills.

Our Los Angeles tutors are experienced in multiple varieties of test prep for different assessment systems. The SATs, ACTs, AP exams, and more.

Help for Common Core SBAC

Tutoring4Less offers SBAC practice tests for students so that they can build their confidence in advance of test day. Regular practice is key to improving performance in exams. Nerves can be high, and especially for younger students it can be difficult to manage performance anxiety. In these circumstances, mental ‘muscle memory’ can help students to conquer their fears and perform well under pressure.

If you are interested in Smarter Balanced practice tests and other test prep for your child, contact us today. We offer online tutoring and in-person options, to suit the needs of every family. Get your free assessment today.

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