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A Summer Like No Other

Picture this: the sun is shining, and kids are buzzing with energy. What if we told you that this summer could also be a time of academic growth and personal achievement? Say hello to Tutoring4Less’ Summer 2023 Tutoring Program! Designed to keep the gears of learning turning during the break, this program is the antidote to the “summer slide.”

Championing Academic Success

Ever seen a student achieve the impossible? Meet our Summer Project Winners! From creating mini volcanoes that erupt with excitement to crafting solar-powered model cars that zoom across the finish line, our students have proven that learning can be an absolute blast. These projects are the perfect blend of science, creativity, and hands-on fun, showcasing the endless possibilities of a curious mind.

The Student of the Month Spotlight

Drumroll, please! Every month, we shine a spotlight on a student who’s stood out in the crowd with their dedication, progress, and enthusiasm. Our Student of the Month isn’t just about acing tests – it’s about embracing challenges, embracing growth, and embodying the spirit of a true learner. Their stories are the heart of our program, showing that with the right support, every child can soar.

No More Summer Slide

You’ve heard about the “summer slide,” and it’s not the kind of ride anyone wants. Our Summer Tutoring Program is the ultimate insurance policy against this learning loss. From Pre-K to 12th grade, we’ve got a tailored program for every student. Whether it’s math, science, foreign languages, or even test prep, our dedicated tutors make sure your child is ready to conquer the next school year with confidence.

Beyond the Books

But hold on, there’s more! Our program isn’t just about textbooks and formulas. We believe in holistic growth. Our summer learning activities are like a treasure trove of creativity and critical thinking. Imagine your child exploring scientific processes, diving into math mysteries, and developing motor skills through captivating activities. It’s the perfect blend of education and enjoyment, nurturing well-rounded learners.

The Formula for Success

At Tutoring4Less, we’ve cracked the code to summer success:

  1. Confidence Boosting: We help students entering new grades build the confidence to embrace the challenges ahead.
  2. Academic Recovery: For those who faced difficulties in the past year, our program is the springboard to rebuilding self-esteem and academic prowess.
  3. Test Readiness: We equip students with the tools needed to breeze through state standardized tests in reading, writing, and math.
  4. Continuous Growth: We monitor progress with precision, using assessment tools to ensure each student is mastering their goals.
  5. Customized Curriculum: No one-size-fits-all here. Our tutors tailor the curriculum to each student’s current academic needs.
  6. Fun and Positivity: We create a nurturing environment that fosters positivity, growth, and a love for learning.

Ready, Set, Soar!

As the sun sets on this school year, it rises on an incredible opportunity for your child. Enroll them in the Tutoring4Less Summer Tutoring Program and watch them blossom. Say goodbye to the summer slide and hello to a summer of growth, achievement, and unforgettable learning experiences. Let’s make this summer one for the books – in the best way possible!

Finding the Best Summer Program For Your Child In 2022

Summer 2022 is something we are all looking forward to and a summer program for your child is a big part of it. Whether your child is interested in STEM, art, sports, or a little bit of everything, Los Angeles has a program for everyone. But what should you choose if your child did not do as well as expected in the 2021-2022 school year? How can you help your son or daughter with an academic boost over the summer, to prepare them for the new school year? The “summer slump” is a well-documented phenomenon even for kids who meet or exceed academic standards during the school year. The summer slump, or summer regression, refers to students’ lower academic performance at the start of a new school year, caused by a lack of exposure to educational opportunities during the summer. Then, come fall, educators are required to spend time at the beginning of the year reviewing the material to get students back to their pre-summer levels.

At Tutoring4Less, we offer a summer tutoring program, otherwise known as Summer Intervention Program, with hands-on learning as well as fun activities. Our Summer 2022 program helps prevent the summer slump, so your child can start the new academic year on the right foot.

Academic Summer Camp vs. Summer Intervention Program in Los Angeles

If your child needs academic support based on the year-end results of 2021-2022 school year, your first thought may be to sign them up for an academic summer camp. Many summer camps offer 1-week or 2-week programs specializing in math, reading, computer science, earth science, or STEM. These programs offer some hands-on learning and/or focus on a specific subject. And of course, summer camp includes fun activities, field trips, and opportunities to make new friends. In Los Angeles and Southern California, you can choose from hundreds of camps for summer 2022. With COVID restrictions mostly lifted, there are sleepaway camps, camps on college campuses, Parks & Recs camps, and online summer camps. There are plenty of academic summer camps, ranging from creative writing to coding. Some camps are very affordable, while others can cost thousands of dollars. The choice of a summer program is often limited only by your schedule and budget.

What may work for some families may not work for others. Often, when you review your chid’s report card for the spring term, you may decide that instead of summer camp, a summer intervention program focused on academic skills may be a better use of your child’s time and your family’s budget.  

What Should Los Angeles Parents Look for In a High-Quality Summer Intervention Program?

Many programs tout themselves as “the best” or “top-rated summer program in Los Angeles.” To help you cut through the noise, we recommend evaluating your options based on the following criteria:

  • Balanced programming with daily opportunities for reading, math, and recreation
  • Low student-to-staff ratios
  • High-interest, engaging activities
  • Positive interaction between kids and caring adults
  • A safe, structured learning environment
  • Personalized attention
  • Bilingual staff 
  • Convenient location and hours

What Questions Can Parents Ask Before Enrolling Their Child In A Los Angeles Summer Intervention Program?

With so many programs to choose from, you may be asking some questions to help you narrow down the list of summer options for your child. We suggest asking the following questions:

  • What is the summer program’s mission? 
  • How is a typical day/week organized? How will my child spend his/her time?
  • What are the program hours and dates? 
  • How much does the program cost?
  • Will my child be able to work on reading, math, and other skills? 
  • Will my child have an opportunity to choose some of his/her activities?
  • How does the program assess or track each child’s progress? 
  • How does the program promote positive interaction between students and staff?
  • Who are the staff and tutors? How many years of experience do they bring to the summer program?
  • What type of communication can families expect?
  • How much academic progress can I expect at the end of the summer? How prepared will my child be for the fall?

Summer Intervention Program at Tutoring4Less

Our summer learning programs are intervention programs that support accelerated learning during the summer months. Academically-focused summer learning programs differ from traditional summer school programs or academic summer camps in that they:

  •  integrate recreational, cultural, and/or enrichment activities
  •  blend remediation with enrichment activities and more advanced curriculum
  •  are attended by students of varied skill levels
  •  encourage positive relationships among peers and with adults

The Tutoring 4 Less Summer Tutoring Program is a readiness program for students from Pre-K to 12th grade that need to prepare for the academic challenges they face when entering a new grade level.  Our program focuses on addressing a student’s academic weaknesses and building a student’s confidence. Whether it’s math, science, or writing programs you need, our tutoring services can provide the academic support that will support your student’s continued academic development. We even provide test prep services.

During the Tutoring 4 Less summer tutoring program, a student won’t have the distractions of school or homework and can focus on addressing all of the academic content that they have been struggling with throughout the previous school year. With the support of a private tutor, whether in-person or via online tutoring, your student’s tutoring experience will lift your student’s academic abilities and get them closer to achieving their full potential.
Whether your child struggled in school this school year and needs to catch up, or you would like to help your child build new skills and confidence, our Summer Tutoring program is a great alternative to summer camps or summer school.

The Advantages of Summer School vs Summer Tutoring

As parents prepare for the coming summer and consider their children’s needs, they may be pondering the advantages of summer school vs summer tutoring. Both have similar benefits, but also different structures and other distinctions that should be considered. Tutoring 4 Less offers insight into which academic programs you should opt to best advantage your children over the summer months!

Differences Between Summer School and Summer Tutoring

Some of the major differences between summer school and summer tutoring include:

Summer SchoolSummer Tutoring
The entire class receives the same lesson plan.Each student receives a different lesson plan.
Groups can be up to 35 in size.Small group settings or individual tutoring (2-4 maximum).
There is a set schedule for classes.Flexible schedule for classes.
Curriculum books are used.An online platform is used.
Teachers intermittently monitor progress.Progress is consistently checked via the online platform.
Must attend class at school.Can attend at home or at Tutoring 4 Less’ Tutoring Center.
The same program is taught to students regardless of learning style.Each tutoring program is tailored to a student’s learning style and academic need.
Parents discuss progress with teacher after summer school program ends.Parents discuss progress with tutor after each session.

Why Summer is the Best Time for Tutoring

Families most commonly turn to tutoring services because kids are struggling, even falling behind, during the school year. The issue is often a skills or knowledge gap. Kids working with a tutor benefit from the one-on-one focus, but in order to get caught up on the class material, focus often has to be split between new content and study skills. Summer is different, however. Not only are students fresher, because they are not at school for forty hours a week or longer, they have no new content to focus on (except high school students, who may have reading lists they are expected to start on over the summer break). That means that tutors over the summer can focus on providing their students with the skills they will need for the next year, whether those are:

  • Reading and writing
  • Number sense
  • Assignment planning
  • Time management/prioritization
  • Note taking
  • Researching/independent learning

As little as an hour or two of summer tutoring sessions a week can pay off massively when your child hits the ground running in the next academic year. It can also avert the summer slide: the atrophy of study skills through lack of use during a long break. Summer slide is a considerable issue that educators first identified decades ago, and can set students’ academic skills as far back as a month every summer. Over the course of a child’s academic development, that can add up significantly.

Taking Advantage of Summer School Tutoring

One of the main issues of summer break is that while students may be on break, parents are most likely not. It can be difficult to help your children prepare for the next academic year and get them in the right frame of mind for learning, especially elementary school-aged children. This is a major advantage of summer school tutoring: parents can have a professional prepare their kids for school. Tutors will expand children’s skillsets, particularly study skills. Some students might prefer if they spend their summer vacation at home, and simply have a tutor visit for several hours a week. The advantages of this approach include greater comfort levels for students, a better attitude (they don’t feel like summer is being taken away from them by more school), and greater receptiveness.

Additional Benefits of Summer Tutoring

Test prep, such as for the ACT and SAT, is a good choice for summer tutoring. Students can build confidence by working on their test skills outside of the standard school environment with its myriad distractions, steeling themselves for the test environment and coming up with strategies to avoid undue stress or fatigue.

Summer tutoring can even be a support option for summer school. Often summer school teachers are doing their best to compress months of coursework into weeks, and students can struggle to keep up with the relentless pace. A tutor who can hone in on a student’s learning style and address it directly can have an immense effort, not only on the student’s progress during summer but the rest of their academic career. Sometimes, all that is needed for a student to prosper is for a tutor to show them the way that they can leverage their learning style’s advantages for themselves.

Talk to us about arranging summer learning for your child!