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Tutoring 4 Less offers affordable online tutoring for Californian students K-12. We are proud to offer excellent quality tutoring services for a wide range of subject areas. Our subjects include:

While many national tutoring services and even private tutors charge upwards of $100 dollars an hour, we can offer affordable quality tutoring for half that price.

What makes Tutoring 4 Less superior to other online tutoring services? We provide more in our hours of tutoring than other companies can offer. We do this by starting with a free assessment of each student at the outset to determine their learning style. When this has been established, we can build a curriculum that plays to each student’s strengths and helps them patch their weaknesses. Under our tutelage, our students typically improve their abilities by an entire grade level, owing to our customized curriculum and encouragement towards advanced goals. In addition, the lower rate of our tutoring sessions means that families can afford more hours per month of tuition, giving more time for our tutors to work their magic.

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Other elements of our service that put us head and shoulders over the competition are our dedication to extras and incentives such as homework help, student projects, and complimentary study books. It’s no wonder that 9 out of 10 students see positive results from our program, sometimes in as little as a month!

Online Tutoring during COVID-19

There is a huge demand for online tutoring in Los Angeles during the pandemic. Prices for tuition have been climbing as demand increases. It’s important for children to receive three things when they are pursuing education: social belonging, academic rigor, and emotional stability. The pandemic, and the isolation and disruption that it has forced upon hundreds of thousands of LA children has been a hammer blow to all three. Without regular community interaction with teachers and peers, there is little social belonging. Without regular access to environments where students are challenged with engaging courses that provide them opportunities to develop and exhibit critical thinking skills, there is insufficient academic rigor. Without the positivity of a standard learning environment where teachers are confident in their ability to deliver quality lessons, where students feel good about their learning and are happy to be mentally stimulated, there cannot be emotional stability. With Tutoring 4 Less, we help to balance these three pillars of education once more.

Qualified Tutors & Role Models: The Tutoring 4 Less Commitment

If you search for “online tutoring” online, you will find dozens of options. Many tutoring centers and online providers are run by large corporations. There is big money to be made in tutoring for well-to-do families; in fact the private tutoring market in the U.S. is estimated at US $46.9 billion in the year 2020. Unfortunately, most of the corporate tutoring centers’ fees are out of reach for many families.

On the other hand, there are individual freelance tutors whose rates may be more affordable, but they do not have the background checks, the experience and credentials to offer safe and quality instruction.

At Tutoring 4 Less, we bridge the gap by making high quality and affordable tutoring accessible to underserved communities in Los Angeles. As previously stated, demand for quality tuition has never been higher, which means that neither have rates for quality tuition. Our goal is to level the playing field for families that can’t necessarily afford to pay $100 an hour for tuition. And, thanks to technology, we can now offer the same affordable high quality tutoring through our online tutoring program, to students anywhere in the world. We believe that our tutors and our mission is what makes Tutoring 4 Less the best online tutoring option for your child. 

The tutors at Tutoring 4 Less are more than just great educators, they are positive mentors and influential role models. Our tutors consist of college students, college graduates and career educators that provide students with a positive outlook on education. Our team of experienced tutors guide students to success in each tutoring session. Each one has at least a two-year degree, and many are college graduates or even certified teachers. All are bilingual in English and Spanish, with CPR/First Aid certifications, DOJ/FBI background clearance, TB clearance and are trained by Tutoring 4 Less.

Should Online Tuition be Cheaper?

A question we are often asked is: should online tuition be cheaper than face-to-face tutoring? This is dependent on a number of factors. First of all, online tuition is generally one-on-one which necessitates greater focus. While Tutoring 4 Less specializes in individual tuition, we do offer rates for small groups that allow families to substantially offset the cost. We also don’t require our clients to sign a yearly contract.   Our tutoring services are paid on a month to month basis.

If your elementary, middle, or high school student is interested in tutoring sessions with Tutoring 4 Less, you can get in touch through our website to book a free tutoring assessment and your first pack of sessions.

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